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Post by Ryno on Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:10 pm

These rules apply everywhere on the site.

1. Do not start or be a part of a flame war. *Moderators and Admins have the right to shut down and lock threads involving flame wars.
2. Use appropriate grammar.
3. Don't spam.
4. Explicit content or nudity is not allowed in any form. Not even text. Offenders immediately get punishment #3 if they haven't gotten 3+ punishments.
5. Making racist comments or content.
6. Do not use inappropriate language.


1. Warning point added
2. Banned for 30 minutes + warning point added
3. Banned for 6 hours + warning point added
4. Banned for 1 day + warning point added
5. Banned for 1 week + warning point added + cannot send PM's anymore
6. Banned for 1 month + warning point added
7. Banned for life + warning point added + banned status

As warning points go up, punishments get worse. Try to stay out of trouble.


Users are able to report someone for breaking rules. However, abusing them will cause offenders to be restricted from reporting posts.


The chatbox allows for live discussion between users. Breaking rules inside the chatbox could get the offender banned from it, depending on how serious the offense is.


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